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"Before I was insured with Cotgreave I was paying more than $1400 a year for my auto insurance. Now I am not only paying only $904 a year for the same car, but they doubled my coverage. That’s what I call a real savings."

Jeff Eluto
Holtsville, NY

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Workers' Compensation

Taking control of your workers compensation costs starts with OSHA compliant safety programs.

Cotgreave Insurance attacks the high cost of Workers' Comp policies with a three-pronged approach.

1. Our clients have access through our carrier websites to Workers Comp materials and safety information. If necessary, our carrier will send a loss control expert to all of your locations to review conditions and procedures.

2. We review all claims, and use risk mitigation tools to identify the causes of loss, and help our clients take action to reduce the frequency of their losses. We project our client’s modification factors 12 and 24 months in advance. As we do this we are able to identify the variables that can positively and negatively affect the modification factor. There are never any surprises. We work with our clients to set short term, and long term goals. Then set up monitoring time tables to make sure no claim goes un-reviewed, and the cause of each claim is documented and any corrective action is taken.

3. Upon request, we review your mod rating sheets from the state comp board for clerical errors. Sometimes a claim may have been closed but the state board didn't catch it. Don't worry, we will.

Almost no broker on Long Island has direct access to more workers compensations carriers than Cotgreave. This allows us to always have the best pricing so it is no longer a concern of our clients. Taking price off the table as a buying concern for our clients leaves both Cotgreave and our clients free to spend our time reducing the number and size of claims as needed to reach the pricing goals set.

Please give us a call.  We will start with risk management by giving your company their own risk management website. Your free company site will also includes state of the art Human Resource, and Wellness programs.  As these systems that keep employees happy and healthy have been proven to reduce your workers compensation claims.  As such all insurance companies will give you premium discounts by adopting our plans! Then we will work to get you the absolute lowest prices, with the best terms. 

It just makes sense that by first lower the number and size of your potential losses that you will naturally get lower premium quotes, and better terms from insurance companies.

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