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"I was paying $18,010 a year for General Liability coverage ONLY. Cotgreave wrote a policy for General Liability AND Property coverage for $11,956 a year. I really like their service and I have referred clients to Cotgreave and will continue to do so. They have simply been great."

Chris Sciortino
AICP Corp, Inc

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For the Self-Employed and small to large businesses, we offer life, disability, vision, and dental insurance, as well as retirement savings plans and flexible spending accounts.

A strong employee benefits package is often the key to attracting and retaining quality employees.

In addition, we can help with discretionary executive benefits that can be used strategically to help employers retain and reward key employees.

Medical Insurance

Often considered by most employees as their most valuable group benefit. Provides coverage that may include prescription drugs.

Dental Insurance

Often the next benefit added to a benefit plan after health. Coverage may include preventative care, maintenance, and orthodontia.

Vision Insurance

Coverage for employees that may include eye exams, frames, lenses, or vision correction.

Section 125 & H.S.A. Plans

Flexible benefit plans that offer employees the opportunity to lower their tax liability on money spent for medical expenses and dependent care.


Systematic plan to help employees save for retirement. May include company matching with various vesting requirements.

Group Life Insurance

Protection on the lives of their employees that provides a benefit to the employee's designated beneficiaries.

Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Protection for employees and their families associated with the cost of qualified long-term care services.

Group Disability Insurance

Protection for employees against financial risk associated with lost income due to a short-term or long-term disability.

Income Replacement

Income replacement insurance is particularly important if you own a small business. In addition to standard disability policies, some policies have such special features as:

  • Recovery benefits that pay after you return to work full-time, during the period in which you are reestablishing a customer or client base.
  • Overhead expense coverage that pays for certain office expenses.
  • For jointly owned businesses, a disability buy-out policy disburses funds for one partner, or the business entity, to buy a disabled partner's share of the business.
  • Key-person insurance, which protects a firm against the loss of income resulting form the disability or death of a key employee.

Deferred Compensation Arrangements

Deferred compensation is often used to reward executives with retirement and insurance benefits that go above and beyond the employer's group plans.

Deferred compensation arrangements help employers reward key employees with a degree of flexibility that is not available under qualified retirement plans. Within these arrangements, employers are free from discrimination rules or funding caps. Executives benefit from deferred compensation plans because they receive generous benefits that otherwise might not be possible.

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