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"Cotgreave literally made our day and we just want you to know that we really appreciate taking such good care of us “little guys”. What you do just makes the current stressful market that much more bearable for our business."

Sharyn Guzzi
Long Island Horse Properties, Inc

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Since 1981, we’ve been providing the kind of stability, protection and value you look for in an insurance company. Your home is one of your largest investments. Shouldn’t the insurance that protects it be chosen wisely?

We at the Cotgreave Insurance Agency take seriously the responsibility of providing you with exceptional coverage at a competitive price. Isn't it worth a few moments of your time to consult with one of our valuable homeowner policy experts to make sure you have the correct coverage?

Valuable Articles Program

Are your valuables well-protected? Do you own fine jewelry, furs or silverware? ... Possess a musical instrument or camera? ... Play golf? ... Collect fine arts, coins, stamps, or even firearms?

Like your home, your valuable articles deserve special insurance protection. Your homeowners policy does provide some coverage, but it may not be enough. Valuable Articles Coverage can help ensure adequate protection for those more expensive and prized possessions by extending coverage limits.

Property Protection

Covers the loss of, or damage to, buildings and personal property. Coverage extends to structures such as detached garages and sheds, and can be adjusted to accommodate their value. Coverage for personal property that is off premises can be increased to suit individual needs. Coverage is available from a basic “named peril” basis to broadened “all-risk.”


Covers actions of the insured and relatives residing together for which they may be held legally liable, both on and off the premises. This coverage extends to both resident premises and personal action claim situations. Claims for damage to the property of others and medical expenses for injuries to others on your premises also are included as part of this protection.

Additional Protection

available at a minimal cost, includes:

  • Dwelling Protection Extended Limits Endorsement - Provides for increased coverage to the primary dwelling should the replacement cost exceed the insurance amount at the time of loss. Dwelling must be insured to value.
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost Endorsement - Provides protection for the full cost of repair or replacement, without deduction for depreciation and regardless of inflation.
  • Homeowners Extension PAC and Premier Extension PAC - Provide property and liability coverages and limits beyond those contained in the standard homeowners policy.
  • Home Computer Coverage - Provides additional coverage for your hardware, software and media for both personal and business use.
  • Personal Floater - Adds or expands coverages and gives you extra protection for valuables such as jewelry, antiques, works of art, coin or stamp collections, cameras and musical instruments, to name a few.
  • Blanket Personal Articles - In addition to the traditional method of itemizing coverage for select special items, we offer a unique blanket coverage option that many people find appropriate for their needs.
  • Identity Theft - In the event of an identity theft against you or an insured family member, Identity Theft Recovery Coverage provides financial assistance along with the expertise of case managers to assist in restoring your stolen identity.

Special Discounts

We offer a number of attractive discounts and credits, including:

  • Age of Dwelling
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Central Station Alarm
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Volunteer Firefighter

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