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"Before I was insured with Cotgreave I was paying more than $1400 a year for my auto insurance. Now I am not only paying only $904 a year for the same car, but they doubled my coverage. That’s what I call a real savings."

Jeff Eluto
Holtsville, NY

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Auto Insurance

Experience YOU can count on.

When it comes to insurance, today’s drivers look for solid protection, competitive pricing, and superior service. That’s why so many turn to the local, personal service of their professional independent agent

We not only pride ourselves on competitive pricing and a wide selection of options. We also provide A+ customer service. A claim can be a scary thing--but the claims process shouldn't be. Our expert Customer Service experts will do everything to take care of every situation. That's our promise to you.

Special Discounts

Ask about special programs you may qualify for, such as:

  • Accident Forgiveness: your first covered accident is forgiven provided you have been accident-free for three years. This benefit can be effective from the first day of coverage.
  • Diminishing Deductible: Your collision deductible is reduced after each year you don’t have a collision loss. (The overall reduction is limited to state-mandated minimums.)
  • Emergency Living Expenses: Pays living expense if you are stranded away from home while you wait for vehicle repairs in the event of a covered loss.
  • Airbag Malfunction: Covers accidental inflation.

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